Germany is the largest populous country in European nations. It is symbolic to quality education, vast cultural diversity and natural beauty. Overall, Germany has a warm, temperate, wet climate with westerly winds. Extreme fluctuations in temperature are rare. Rain falls throughout the year. The main language is German, of course. However, many Germans speak good English, so there should not be any language barriers for foreign students. Today, life in Germany generally can be described as modern and cosmopolitan. The people of Germany love getting together and celebrating, in the traditional style during fests and festivals. There are always events, social activities, festive season, architectural and natural sightseeing spots which leave almost no chance of being alone or bored while you study in Germany. With all European and multi-cultural atmosphere, Germany is one of the sought destinations for overseas education.

Berlin which is the capital of Germany’s is the largest city and home to all federal offices. City has a vibe of a friendly atmosphere. German traditionally has a beer culture, and it has more that 1400 breweries across Germany. Study in Germany is one of the right decision for student as concerned. The student life in berlin is quite affordable. Overseas education in Germany has outranked other popular destinations such as the United Kingdom or Holland. The cost of living in Germany is pretty reasonable compared to other European countries.  As a student, it is advised to follow a minimalist approach in spending to meet all cost of living including entertainment, as cost variations are available from very low to very high facilities. 



It’s obviously seen that the students coming to Germany are not only for study, they stay back and work. The studies suggest that the international students who come for study in Germany has open access to its labor market and its giant corporations which are known worldwide for its technology and market value. The immigration of international students is increasing rapidly in Germany as a results of its quality education, enviable economy and great living conditions.German colleges are relatively low cost option and affordable in global context. Not only this, the living expenditure are also low compared to other developed nations, but still the education remains the main thing for study in Germany. 

Study in Germany comes with an opportunity to work part time, which will supply yourself with good remuneration to support abroad and to reduce the education cost. This also adds in your resume as work experience. Also students are eligible for 18 months’ job seekers visa after timely completion of their studies.

There are basic requirements which applicant should have to Study in Germany which are as follows.

–        IELTS score of Minimum 5.5 in individual subjects.

–        Minimum score of 50 percent for bachelors or masters

–        Students with education gap should have acceptable justification.

Study In Germany

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