Sourcing and Supplies

Sourcing and  supply is your gateway to procuring and sourcing supplies, equipment, industrial and manufacturing products from around the world.


Sourcing is the simplest form. It helps you find out the location of products that you want to buy. While the fundamental thought could essentially imply that we include a non-adjusting SKU into your buy request, sourcing likewise incorporates a lot more extravagant and progressively complex arrangement of errands when connected on a bigger scale. While including a non-adjusting SKU thing to a request regularly appears to be direct, it frequently requires the scan for and fruitful area of elusive, if not, unique, items inside an ocean of thousands of hardware and supply SKUs. What’s more, when the item is discovered, we should likewise guarantee the thing is available, can be handled inside our bookkeeping framework, and can be conveyed or outsourced to you in an opportune manner. If you need to add available supplies and products in your order, we can do that too.



Oil & Gas Industry Equipment and Consumables

Our services expanded to global supply chain within the Energy and Oil & Gas industry to effectively expand from a commodity provider of “C” class product to a value-added partner, capable of delivering just-in-time services for Class B sub-assemblies and engineered products. Our product portfolio is comprised of Fastening Systems • Turbine Production Hardware including high strength, large diameter studs, bolts, and nuts • Carbon, stainless and exotic metals • Mechanicals and Fabrications • Precision Machined Parts (CNC type parts) • Fabricated Parts, Castings, and etc.

Medicines, Medical Equipment & Consumables

We offer a wide range of medicines and medical consumables supplies and equipment from India, Europe, and the USA. Our vast product selection, representing many of the finest quality branded lines in the Industry, and our extensive access to inventories of leading suppliers worldwide, ensure prompt shipment from our central distribution center in the United States.