Adept Hunters is a premier professional Health Care Consultancy portal . That maintains high professional standards to provide healthcare solution for all healthcare experts world wide Based on Projects necessities and customer’s needs, we in consultation with our Biomedical Engineers will set up a point by point Equipment list ,office insightful and floor savvy. 

Hospital Biomedical Equipment & Furniture Planning

This detailed Equipment list is set up after Load computation of each Equipment (Floor-wise / Department wise) which will at that point be utilized for quote correlation from different manufacturers and sellers. We contrast from our rivals in having good information of the supplier market, a specialized determination which meets the preparation prerequisites, however which is attainable, business insight to guarantee, there are no “traps”

We help our clients in these aspects of Biomedical Equipment:
•    Equipment arranging department wise 
•    Equipment needs assessment study
•    Equipment correlation dependent on in excess of 20 parameters 
•    Equipment procurement (Sourced from various producers and sellers) 
•    Equipment installation and charging support 
•    Training of the clients and Equipment maintenance, for example, AMC, CMC.