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Natural gas & oil

Adept Hunters is keen on helping the prospective jobseekers tap into the opportunities in the energy sector. Being a leading recruitment firm vis a vis the field of natural gas& oil, Adept Hunters connects the right people to the right firms in the energy sector. We provide skillful recruitment, business assurance, and temporary workforce assurance to a range of clients in the onshore and offshore environments. That is why Adept Hunters is the best answer for the job queries in the energy sector.


In the construction sector, Adept Hunters ensures the right mix of employers and employees. By bringing together skilled contractors and sourcing talented permanent staff from all technical and construction fields from all over the world, we manage to fill the requirements globally. The areas that we deal with ranges from construction trade jobs, commercial manager jobs, power plant jobs to quantity surveyor jobs. But, the list does not just end here! Adept Hunters plays a pivotal part in the construction sector by its comprehensive services.


We have managed to make a strong presence in the field of telecommunication, courtesy our impressively wide network. The telecommunication sector requires adequate and timely recruitment solutions for its meticulous functioning. As a leading global recruitment supplier to the telecom industry, Adept Hunters is revered across the world with its willingness to address the requirements and challenges in an efficient and challenging manner.


Finding the right candidates with the right skills coupled with the necessary soft skills is a paramount necessity for the hospitality industry. That is why Adept Hunters has an impressively large database of skilled, pre-screened and referenced hospitality professionals, and we leave no stone unturned to connect the right candidate with the right institutions.

Information Technology

Each year witnesses an exponential growth in the number of opportunities in the Information Technology. Conversely, the opportunities also come up various challenges too. Our expert recruitment consultants effectively identify the expertise needed for specialisms ranging from systems admin to technical architecture. Yes, what makes Adept Hunters and ideal destination for the recruitment requirements in the IT sector is its expert team who are well-equipped with in-depth market knowledge.

Customer service

In this age of booming business avenues, the field of customer service acquires considerable importance. Customer relations department is the face of any business organization, and it can either make or mar your interaction with the target group. At Adept Hunters, we understand that good customer service is an imperative to effectively engage with the clientele. Our experienced recruiters work alertly with companies in analyzing and researching their industries, unique businesses and business models with a view to provide them with the best personnel.

Accounts and finance

There is no doubt that accounts and finance department is one of the crucial areas every business entity should be keenly concerned with. Finance and accounting professionals with the right insight will be a boon for any business group, but identifying the right talents is a challenging task. But, you can bank on Adept Hunters and rest be assured that the accounts and finance department runs impeccably smooth! With our wide global network, we make it a point that your organization thrives with productivity, profitability and performance with the right high-quality accounting and finance professionals.

Human Resources & Administration

Human resources and administration sector throws open various vacancies on a global basis. Adept Hunters connects various worldwide firms with the right human resources team. Our services range from the entire aspects of the human resources and administrative fields. Whether you are an employer looking for a suitable professional or a prospective job seeker coveting human resources position, administrative position, or management career, Adept Hunters will be your best bet.

Top management & corporate strategy

Discovering the right talents in the field of management and corporate strategy is our forte. Formulating management & corporate strategy requires painstaking efforts and Adept Hunters is armed with the right solutions with this intention. Our ever-increasing candidate data and global presence helps us deliver high quality candidates across c-suite and senior management positions for SMES, entrepreneurial and not-for-profit organizations.

Security guard services

Adept Hunters, with its proven track record, provides highly talented, and trusted security staff to the organizations around the globe. Our strong reputation for exceptional service makes us the best choice when it comes to security staff recruitment.

Retails Industry Services

Adept Hunters provides you with the necessary staff in the retail employment sector with its wide network of candidates. Cashiers, Floor Managers, Buyers, Store Managers, Visual Merchandisers, Bakery Managers, Supermarket Managers- whatever your requirement, we have our swift solutions!