• General S1100 ventilator is used in various medical institutions for doing mechanical or assisted ventilation to patient of respiratory failure or the patient who need mechanical ventilation therapy, and monitoring and display the ventilation parameters.

    Function l Gas driven electronically controlled, time switch type synchronous ventilator l For adult and child over 5 Kg. l Ventilation mode ——IPPV ——A/C ——PCV ——SIMV ——SPONT/ CPAP ——PSV ——SIGH ——MANU Performance l Air supply:Medical level oxygen and Medical level air l working conditions: 220V±22V,50HZ±1HZ l Electrical controlled and gas driven l For adult and child l 12.1 TFT screen l Function of volume control and pressure limit l More ventilation mode l More ventilation function l More alarm function l Compliance compensated function l More accurate and stable O2 and Air blender l Internal battery. The battery will work when the AC fails. l Can be equipped with air compressor.

    Feature of ventilator:
    1.Apply to adults and children
    2.High intelligent control system
    3.Multiple modes of ventilation
    4.Double trigger function: IPAP and flow
    5.Compliance compensation function
    6.Colorful LCD display screen , display alarming information and graphics ventilation parameters
    7.Adapting item: air compressor and the function of grain and atomization
    Adaption disease l Ventilation therapy l Respiration failure rescue